Thunder and Pooping

As a mom today has just been one of THOSE days.  You know what I’m talking about. Where nothing really goes outrageously wrong but shit does hit the floor. Literal shit.

Started out like any other day. Got home from work around 4am and slept as late as the little hell hounds would let me (10am). I was the walking dead this morning. No coffee left in the house and momma was on a tear. How is a woman to survive without the nectar of the gods? My one true love? *sigh* but alas I struggled on.

My youngest is right in the middle of potty training so we have had a lot a nakey time today. I even went to the store for M&Ms for her (and me) as a reward for using the potty. 50% today.

Has anyone ever noticed how children’s feara just depend on what they want at that moment. We have been terrified then excited about the storms we have had all day today at least 6 times. Happy rain dancing straight to screams of terror. This meant no nap for momma today as we all know I need it much more than the rugrats.

Finally we have wound down for the night. The littles sent to bed and momma sitting down with a glass of wine to watch daddy play PUB-G. Then as if she could sense my relaxation my youngest comes running out of her room to give me another hug and kiss goodnight. I happily obliged and sent her back to her room…. or so I thought. Oh goodness what is that smell?!?!?!? I turn around to see 2 year old in all her naked glory shitting on the floor. “Mommy I’m pooping!” “Olivia what are you doing you shouldbt have taken your diapey off!” WORD OF ADVICE MOTHERS: NEVER EVER CHASE A POOPING CHILD. Me standing up startled my poor child and she ran leaving a shit trail behind her.

There you have it everyone! Shit hitting the floor is much worse than shit hitting the fan!

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