My Husband’s Permission

Time and time again a friend will ask me to do something with them. And my first response is always, “Let me ask my husband.” This answer always seems to get me a blank stare or a reply of “WOW! Seriously?”.

That’s right I said it. My Husband’s Permission! Do you ask for your husband’s permission? I do. I ask his permission for everything. Babe, can I get hang out with my friends? Sweetie, is it ok if I go buy a new bed spread? EVERYTHING! And here is why you should too.

Your husband is your partner, your equal, the love of your life correct? That is why you married him right? To have and to hold til death do you part. Marriage is a partnership That is built on respect. If he has the decency to wake my cranky butt up at 2am to ask if his buddies can come over and play cards then I can have the decency to ask him if it is ok if I spend a couple extra dollars at the salon this month.

I have had many claim that I cater to my husband. This I will not deny. He is my husband. A provider for my family. He blessed me with children just as I have blessed him. I ask his permission and cook and clean for him because I respect him, I want to take care of him, I want a happier healthier marriage. Did you know that relationships with mutual respect, such as asking each other permission before making decisions, actual last longer and are stronger?

Now I do have a rant, as many women with my opinion do. Sit down and shut your “I don’t need a man! I am a strong independent woman in a relationship!” mouth and listen. No, you don’t need a man and yes you are independent. But for goodness sake that man you are with is not a doormat. You want to be some badass bitch all on your own? Good for you! Want to have a man worship the ground you walk on? Sure why not? But show that man some respect!

You believe you are a QUEEN? Which you are girl! Slay on! But if you want to be a Queen to your man then act like it. Queens show respect for others and in this case it means asking for your husband’s permission not walking all over him. Be a QUEEN not a TYRANT! If you want to build an empire, find a partner and conquer the world.

Long may she reign.

2 thoughts on “My Husband’s Permission”

  1. I strongly agree with this. I always say that my husband is the head of our household, but I am the neck and without me he just sits there going forward, never turning. I have been married for 26 years and I still ask my husband’s permission before I go out. Not as a sign of submission but as respect. I would hope that he does the same for me. It is not really asking permission, but asking if we will be disrupting any major plans. Respect has been lost in this world.

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