My Husband’s Permission

Time and time again a friend will ask me to do something with them. And my first response is always, “Let me ask my husband.” This answer always seems to get me a blank stare or a reply of “WOW! Seriously?”.

That’s right I said it. My Husband’s Permission! Do you ask for your husband’s permission? I do. I ask his permission for everything. Babe, can I get hang out with my friends? Sweetie, is it ok if I go buy a new bed spread? EVERYTHING! And here is why you should too.

Your husband is your partner, your equal, the love of your life correct? That is why you married him right? To have and to hold til death do you part. Marriage is a partnership That is built on respect. If he has the decency to wake my cranky butt up at 2am to ask if his buddies can come over and play cards then I can have the decency to ask him if it is ok if I spend a couple extra dollars at the salon this month.

I have had many claim that I cater to my husband. This I will not deny. He is my husband. A provider for my family. He blessed me with children just as I have blessed him. I ask his permission and cook and clean for him because I respect him, I want to take care of him, I want a happier healthier marriage. Did you know that relationships with mutual respect, such as asking each other permission before making decisions, actual last longer and are stronger?

Now I do have a rant, as many women with my opinion do. Sit down and shut your “I don’t need a man! I am a strong independent woman in a relationship!” mouth and listen. No, you don’t need a man and yes you are independent. But for goodness sake that man you are with is not a doormat. You want to be some badass bitch all on your own? Good for you! Want to have a man worship the ground you walk on? Sure why not? But show that man some respect!

You believe you are a QUEEN? Which you are girl! Slay on! But if you want to be a Queen to your man then act like it. Queens show respect for others and in this case it means asking for your husband’s permission not walking all over him. Be a QUEEN not a TYRANT! If you want to build an empire, find a partner and conquer the world.

Long may she reign.

8 Steps to Housetraining Your Husband

I know what you are thinking. There is no way I can housetrain my husband, but yes, yes you can. Follow me through these 8 (disastrous) steps to housetraining your husband. Some steps require children so if you don’t have any borrow them from your neighbor.

Step 1 : The Lingerie Game

Hide a piece of lingerie deep and a pile of laundry. It doesn’t matter which one of the 7 piles it goes into as long as it is hidden.  And inform him that if he finds and cleans it, you will wear it. Make sure to leave out the fact that he won’t be home when you wear it. You are too tired from the kids for that. And really peanut butter in your hair and lingerie don’t mix.
Step 2 : Send in the Recruits

This step is my personal FAVORITE and I use it all the time. I ask my children (ages 3 and 4) to take out the trash. Obviously they are too little and since the trash is heavy they immediately run and ask their strong daddy to help them. I try to conceal my smile as he stomps past me to take out the trash. It’s like he knows I planned this.
Step 3 : No Shame

This one only works if you have no shame and are passive aggressive. Me? I am the Queen of Passive Aggresiva (get the reference). If his friends come over politely ask them to take out the trash on their way out. This will anger the bear, proceed with caution.
Step 4 : Fuck it

Leave it. Let it grow. Make science experiments in the sink. Continually ask “what’s that smell?”. Sit back and drink your wine it will help with the angry drunk cleaning you are about to do.
Step 5 : Suggestive Placement 

Oh no how did the vacuum get in your computer chair? Oh my is the lawn mower in the middle of the driveway again? Silly me how could I have a pile of laundry on your desk? Mommy brain I suppose. It does mysterious things.
Step 6 : Ask Him for Help


Oh sorry had a little tickle in my throat.
Step 7 : Hire a Grumpy Maid Named Gertrude

Yes grumpy! She doesn’t take shit from any man. Husband’s feet are in the way when she vacuums, she smacks them down. Husband forgets to pick up those important papers that fell on the floor? Looks like trash to Gertrude. Watch smugly while your husband tries to argue with Gertrude while she pretends to not hear him.
Step 8 : Frozen


Rainy Day Ideas for the Children

As Fall sets in so do the rainy days. Today in my part of the country it is in the 50s and rainy. Leaving the children the only option of cleaning in my once clean house.

Unfortunately for us my youngest is sick with a cold and not feeling her typical attitude filled self. So mommy and Olivia spent our afternoon watching Paw Patrol on the couch and napping. All while mommy watched helplessly as daddy and Alycia played all over the house leaving destruction in their wake. 

This did get me thinking though. What kind of activities can I set up for my children on these rainy days? Comment some suggestions below and check out my Pinterest Board for Rainy Day ideas.

My Pinterest Rainy Day Ideas

Thunder and Pooping

As a mom today has just been one of THOSE days.  You know what I’m talking about. Where nothing really goes outrageously wrong but shit does hit the floor. Literal shit.

Started out like any other day. Got home from work around 4am and slept as late as the little hell hounds would let me (10am). I was the walking dead this morning. No coffee left in the house and momma was on a tear. How is a woman to survive without the nectar of the gods? My one true love? *sigh* but alas I struggled on.

My youngest is right in the middle of potty training so we have had a lot a nakey time today. I even went to the store for M&Ms for her (and me) as a reward for using the potty. 50% today.

Has anyone ever noticed how children’s feara just depend on what they want at that moment. We have been terrified then excited about the storms we have had all day today at least 6 times. Happy rain dancing straight to screams of terror. This meant no nap for momma today as we all know I need it much more than the rugrats.

Finally we have wound down for the night. The littles sent to bed and momma sitting down with a glass of wine to watch daddy play PUB-G. Then as if she could sense my relaxation my youngest comes running out of her room to give me another hug and kiss goodnight. I happily obliged and sent her back to her room…. or so I thought. Oh goodness what is that smell?!?!?!? I turn around to see 2 year old in all her naked glory shitting on the floor. “Mommy I’m pooping!” “Olivia what are you doing you shouldbt have taken your diapey off!” WORD OF ADVICE MOTHERS: NEVER EVER CHASE A POOPING CHILD. Me standing up startled my poor child and she ran leaving a shit trail behind her.

There you have it everyone! Shit hitting the floor is much worse than shit hitting the fan!